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Creating Frameworks

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Types of frameworks

These frameworks don’t stand alone, they overlap

Structural frameworks

  • creating spaces, flow, movement through the enviroment we move in
  • in the offline world this is known as architecture
  • in the online world known as interaction design/information architecture
  • opportunities for access and flow are created through links, actions, menus, form submission

Visual frameworks

  • affects they way we see things
  • the visual design in a product, brochure, advert, web page will affect how users see and interact with it
  • if the visual heirachy is strong and correct users will naturally follow the set path designed to enhance user experience
  • eg are elements appropriately weighted so that their relationships are clear ie a main heading is larger than sub headings.
  • eg are their distracting elements or does the users eye naturally flow to the most important information

Social framework

  • affects the way we interact with others
  • can the user like, share, comment, favourite something?
  • can relationships be imported or exported and more importantly does it make sense to do so?
  • relatively new framework that is still be explored

Conceptual framework

  • primary goal is clarity
  • affects the way we think about something
  • more often communicated through words and images
  • words and images shape the way users see and experience design and this will become your brand






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