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UX design: Techniques to understand your user

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You are not the user

You know your product intimately. You have made decisions, sketches, wireframes, made changes and fashioned the finished product. This is your ‘baby’.

How many of your target audience will be using your designed product for the first time?

  • why will they be interacting with your product?
  • what need to they have?
  • what goal are they trying to achieve?
  • what previous experiences would your users have had? It could have been good, bad or mediocre
  • what are the users assumptions – what are the flaws in their assumptions and how can you address that?
  • understanding your user means you need to be objective

Techniques you can use to understand your user:

  • User interviews – guided conversation with existing clients about their needs, assumptions and requirements
  • Contextual inquiry – understanding the use of the product within the users environment
  • Surveys
  • Card sorting – grouping tasks for individuals or groups to perform in order to establish patterns and areas of confusion.
  • Usability testing – asking users to perform a series of tasks to understand their interaction and to identify problem areas.



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