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Steps to solving UX problems

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Find out what the problem is.

Solving exiting problems

1. Beware of the novelty trap – too much focus on the new and not enough on the purpose

2. Focus on solving user problems and pains – won’t necessarily result in something spectacular, but will improve interaction.

3. Sometimes solving an old problem is more important and easy to miss because it may be mundane, obvious and overlooked.

4. Focus on the now, not on the new eg the pain users experience now – bad service, faceless pages, late penalty fees etc

Solutions are easy if you know the problem

1.  Solving the problem is good design

  • It means eliminating one’s own assumptions and applying problem-solving techniques in order to identify the problem area
  • It means stating the problem in such a way that a solution can be found

2. Techniques to help

  • Kaizen – asking ‘why’
  • Assumption Reversal – taking your assumptions and reversing them to trigger innovation.
  • Analogy – see if a similar problem has been solved in another industry

Draw informal sketches

1. Use a thick permanent marker to sketch ideas. If it doesn’t work, start a new drawing. This is a sketch not an art work.

2. This is not a deliverable. This is a problem solving technique. This is more about what you have learnt than stylish image.

3. The purpose: to explore and refine ideas in a quick, iterative and visual manner with little overhead.


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