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Images increase sharing activities.

1. PhotoPin – however, the last time I tried to use it my antivirus detected a threat having found the ‘Blackhole Kit’ which according to my antivirus software is ranked third in the world at the moment for malware. Use with caution till the problem is solved.

2. Awesome screen shot – take a screen shot of any page or any part of, annotate it, point to lines and text with arrows, lines or circle it etc.

3. Compress PNB – compresses large images

  • Large images slow down websites – speed matters in the online world
  • Compresses images into PNG-8 format with transparency support and full browser compatibility
  • Compress PNG does the job quickly BMP, ICO, GIF and JPG files

4. Curate.com

  • make screenshot “clips” and formatted quotes from web content
  • post on select social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Clips link back to the original source

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