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Google plus is on the rise.

Tools to handle Google+

1. Two Circle Management tools:

Shared circles is a collaboration tool that allows you to group up to a max of 5000 people in meaningful categories eg common interests

a. CircleCount – Chrome Extension and Website

  • Best tool to find shared circles
  • Enables you to view detailed statistics about your ranking within Google+ community
  • Enables you to view stats about interaction on your posts

b. Circloscope – this has both free and paid versions

  • Allows you to uncircle inactive users
  • Allows you to uncircle those that don’t circle you back
  • Analysis of your circle/followers
  • Filter and sort by identity
  • Add people to your circles
  • Export circles in csv format

2. Social sharing tools – not as easy on Google+ as on other social media platforms

a. Replies and More – Chrome extension

  • it adds “Reply” and “Reply To Author” buttons to Google+ comments
  • it adds a dropdown next to Share with additional sharing options

b. DoShare – Chrome extension

  • Works for personal Google+ profiles
  • Works for Google+ pages
  • Creat a post, schedule it and automatically sends it.
  • Supports sharing to circles
  • Supports hashtag auto-complete
  • Supports multiple Google logins

c. Friends+Me

  • reposts your Google+ posts (profile or page) to Facebook (profile or page), Twitter and/or LinkedIn networks
  • works across all devices

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