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Collection of Social Media tools that are being used, experiemented with or are taking SM by storm.


A file management tool with the ability to share photos, albums, videos and document previews. These files are stored in a single file and can be viewed on computers, mobile phone applications. Dropbox offers cloud storage, file synchronization and client software.

Vinepeek – a reel of newly uploaded videos with a 6 sec time limit. There is no moderation of these videos.

Dribbbleis show and tell for designers. It is a place to help each other, job position. A social network with a lot of resources.

Instagram – a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family through photos and videos. (Junior level under 21 are interested in Instagram – they think twitter is deep)

Pheed – is a free social multimedia platform that enables users to create, inspire and share text, photos, videos, audio tracks, voice-notes and live broadcasts. Similar to twitter but can upload photos, videos, broadcasts. Has a paid version – people can only join if they paid and can a bit of monetary gain like a radio show. Can link to twitter. Available for Iphone but check if available for android.


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