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Ideas that spread, win

What killed advertising effect?

TV and mass media made it easy to spread business ideas ie products, meet ups etc. The TV industrial complex resulted in adverts been designed and placed in front of us over and over and over until it was bought into. Reputations, brands, stories were all presented until it was accepted as part of culture.

The over use of the TV industrial complex has cancelled that effect on us. Businesses can spend billions on advertising, coupons, spam, email to interrupt us, however, we will ignore those messages if we don’t have a need. For example, I might have a favourite brand of hay fever tablets and no matter how much a business advertises to me, I am not going to change my brand. I know it works for me.

Is it remarkable?

The world revolves about me – I don’t want emails, I want emails about me. I don’t care about businesses, I have more choices and too little time so I will ignore stuff. Unless it is unusual I will ignore it. And even if it is unusual, I will get used to it and start ignoring it.

What gets noticed, what gets talked about, what gets bought, what people will take action on is that which is remarkable. Remarkable – an idea, comment, product etc that is worth making a remark about.

Seth Godwin made a comment that we are in the fashion business regardless of how what business we in. How does the fashion industry work? It isn’t about interrupting with big ads, they invoke a different process. Eg, turning a chair that the purchasing department made into something that is a status symbol.

Mass marketing’s death

Mass marketing used to be about selling average products to average people. Marketing was aimed at the greatest number of people in the hope that a percentage of them would fall for the message and purchase the product. But this is the group that have been so inundated that they have learnt to ignore messages.

Marketing needs to be far more focused and concentrate on those that sit round the fringes of marketing eg the laggers of taking up technology, or the innovators and early adopters. Find those that would get obsessed about what you do and then make it easy for them to talk about you. Marketing becomes easier when you can find a group that really wants to hear what you say and will take action on it.


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