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Remember your website is made up of different pages. Some sites might only have five pages but most have hundreds of pages with menus and sub menus. You want the relevant pages to be found by the search engines looking to return results based on a search engines query, but you also want that user once on your site to find all the relevant pages to help them make a decision to either buy from you or contact you about your services.


Site Map: The search engine robots will index home page and then work out everything linked from there. However, some pages may not be linked to the home page and no matter how good they are – it means they just won’t ever be found. To overcome this problem and it help you organise your site have a site map. A good site map will map out the structure of your website and how all the pages and information are linked.

Meta Tags: are elements in the source code of every website page that are used to provide structured metadata about that Web page. This information is not visible on the website but tell the indexing search engine what the page is about, what keywords it contains, what program was used to create the site etc.

Semantic network: The way you describe your website in a language the search engine can understand.

Content: This needs to be well written, be relevant, be engaging and contain relevant information. The Metatag keyword and description should be relevant to the textual content within the web page. Don’t try to trick the search engines they will not index pages that are deemed to be keyword crammed or irrelevant. In fact they will probably penalize your site as a spam site.

Links: Important part of SEO. External links: Increasing relevant links from outside websites that agree that you are relevant, engaging and a good choice. Internal links: ensure it is easy to move between articles related to the searched subject.


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