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SEM – Search Engine Marketing:

Gain traffic and visibility from search engines. This includes SEO and paid advertising options.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation:

Process of getting traffic from organic searches or listings. Listings on search engines are given a value based on relevance. Search engines allow targeted responses based on users keyword request. If the users keywords match the keywords in a particular website then it will be returned as one of the search result listings. The idea is to have that website ranked as high as possible within that search result listing in order to ensure user sees the website.

Biggest challenge for businesses and bloggers is having the search engine find their website and return it within the top ten results.


  • specialized knowledge
  • little or no control over the results. Results can change depending on changes that search engines make to their algorithm
  • as an expert there is very little visibility but results of increase traffic would be.

Paid Advertising

Full control over the advert. Control the keywords, the landing page the advert points to, and the flow of traffic from the advert through to call to action on website ie sale or contacting for more information. There is very quick feedback and ability to work out ROI. Advert owner has control over how much they want to spend.

SEM is using both methods in order to raise the visibility of the website. The idea is to use paid method while building up the organic results. Some companies and individuals will continue to use paid method to increase their reach even when their site is ranking within the top 10. However, most prefer to reduce paid advertising, or stop completely.


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